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More money

August 19, 2012


Man, it seems, back in the day, in struggling to make sense of the blooming, buzzing confusion that is human behavior—inundated with the likes of aesthetic pursuits (e.g. formless color) and spiritual practices (c.f. samadhi), having gotten tired of having to tell—no word to describe—at every turn of inquiry, and fearing failure [to create a conceptual repertoire substantive enough to come to terms with human experience], realized that his job would be much more rewarding if only mankind behaved in ways that could be readily understood.  One dreadful afternoon he made money and accumulation of wealth natural to the dismay of MOTHER Nature.  The stellar success of this program of making people behave in ways that could be readily understood in the name of understanding people’s behavior (spiraling out of senses at the intellectually bankrupt Chicago, Harvard, and Princeton school of economic thought; see also Crick’s CONSCIOUSNESS WON at SfN) can be gauged from the scientific assertiveness with which we, the people sigh: nothing straight can ever be made out of the crooked timber of humanity (see also the scam called ‘The End Of Science’ courtesy Scientific American).

It is not all gloom and doom if we take a moment to bask in the brilliance of thought embodied in place-value notation [of number] and in grammar [of language] shinning straight from admittedly meager material conditions.

So, to sum up, scientists—we, the learned scientists: let’s stop saying we need more—more money to study, especially, in the face of kids starving.

How about thinking… it’s free.


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