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Resisting representation :-)

October 5, 2012

Time : Space :: Prose : Poem :: MapDiagram


Public Service Notice
Be careful with books: spirits (i.e. ghosts) can seep straight to skulls riding regally on the backs of readingscary, huh!  It is to protect us–mere mortalings–that the enlightened souls (possessed by Ivory Towers building on the aged-old venerable Indian Caste culture, out of the generosity of their spirit springing-forth) are placing education beyond the reach of reasonable peoples.

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  1. Many geometric figures (such as rectangles) can be drawn using straight lines, but there are some (such as circles) which need something more than straight lines (non-linear curves). So is the case with expressing experiences: the linear narrative of prose is all one needs to express most experiences, but there are some experiences which call for the non-linearity of poetry. See also pp. 152 – 5 of Resisting Representation for an illuminating discussion of the contrast between prose and poetry (grounded in their etymologies).

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