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Fixation points, inhabitable lands, and drinking water

November 8, 2012

1 x 2 = 2

There is Platonic heaven wherein these numbers hold court and it is above my pay grade.  Number is omnipresent-infecting all with its meme.

Author: Is there an apple-biting scene in this movie?

Audience:  There are featherless numbers making out

1 meter x 2 meters = 2 meter x meter

the land we inhabit, the volumes we consume… multiplying all the way to mortal Newton’s inauguration of Kali yuga

1 mass x 2 acceleration = 2 force

Author: I see where you are going; Newton’s law fails at the extremes: small/big

Audience: No to your failings, no thanks to your paradoxes, and you can have my maya too!

What works is wonder enough (for me)!

There is the freight train of thought cooing to chuk chuk away to F = ma

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