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second coming

November 14, 2012

The return of working methods as definitions such as the refinement of place-value notation into the definition of MAP f: A -> B, in a brilliant play on order (one-after-one).

Number : Abstract Set :: Place-value Notation : Function

Numbers keep coming one after another.  Elements, in a set, are more like I’m one–just someone–um, er not that one.  The bins in place-value notation are all neatly-lined, while those codomain ones are just different sporting that that’s all there is to us look.

It is not as lawless as one might think (I, for one, can not really think when afraid).  ORDER reincarnates in a more palpable form: defining data (MAP) of the definition of CATEGORY (Conceptual Mathematics, page 21).

For wonderful shared-moments: wonder on vivid display-celebrating the passage of a working method into DEFINITION, society soooo invested in education.

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