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Fascist Legacy

November 20, 2012

Fascist Legacy.

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  1. Youth and Fascism

    From: Venkata Rayudu Posina, On: Nov 20, 2012, To:

    Dear Madam / Sir,

    Fascism is, asserts your Nov 20th Op-Ed, a politics of the young, which is quite disturbing in its reactionary reading of events, especially in its eagerness to assign blame to youth. Youth, naturally, flows down the gradient of good [to the Bad Bachchan, but only if one conceptualizes 'the young' as people who can't tell the difference between a movie and reality].

    It may help us here to remember that kings in olden days used to have young people kill one another–just to watch for fun (human-sacrifice before that was a little bit more serious business; the sacrificial animals are always young). This ancient vice alias war is still popular with ruling class and none (across the globe) of whom look young. If you must blame–blame courage aka Shaheen and Ritu–on the young.

    Thank you,
    Posina Venkata Rayudu

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