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Venting venkata

November 23, 2012

Had I known adding would do anything other than bring-together two numbers into one (1 + 1 = 2); if only I knew adding would add divisions (odd vs. even)…


odd + odd = even

odd + odd = f (neg.) + f (neg.) = f (neg. x neg.) = f (pos.) = even

The first = sets in motion the fall from graceful odd to the earthen even (please don’t ask me why would anyone take this train) with a map

f : A -> B

A = {neg., pos.}, B = {odd, even}

Next comes the slippery commutativity

f (ai x aj) = f (ai) + f (aj)

Following in quick succession is the scary structure

x, +

Finally falling back on the familiar map f : A -> B

In all this talk about map, structure, and commutativity, object is invisible, and this grave injustice in the face of maps being just pictures of one object (and get this, in an object), structure being nothing but structure of objects, and icing on the cake: commutativity is making sure you don’t make me look like one of those Men in Black aliens in your picture of me, all of whom summarily call for a moratorium on drooling all over maps: functions are this, are that… or at least not to the extent that makes me want to fund another commercial:

R. E. S. P. E. C. T.  O. B. J. E. C. T.

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