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On rats and their mountains

November 25, 2012

I heard of tunneling a mountain to catch a rat.

I saw a rat making a hole in the mountains.

DX -> DCD -> C

(map object)

DX -> DY -> C

D -> D -> C

1 -> D -> C

D -> C


So it’s wishful to read map object into a map (starting with names on page 83, come to terms with subjectivity on page 306, and returning home to wishful thinking on page 328 of, yes, Conceptual Mathematics)?

She points to concept and exclaims brilliant, you look and complain [the word concept] doesn’t sound like it, and I conclude [font of the word] not even worth talking.

Differences are real–reflecting embarrassing sensual riches.

Where’s Maxwell (the electro-magnetic fields guy) when I need him.

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