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Sacred names, fertile soil, and good manners

November 26, 2012

I like the word good.  In my mother tongue we call drinking water good water.

Yesterday I went pet shopping … no, that’s too much responsibility.  Let’s say you bring home a puppy, a Christmas gift for your kid.  After the customary hide-and-seek, your kid, I am guessing, would thank you, and ask: what’s his name?

Teleporting through the apport-holes of civilization we cut to early morning rush.  Heads of household getting ready to go gathering (hunting) and kids of the household have news: Circle Chaser.  You see the kids noticed that the dog likes to chase flies going in circles.

Science is different.

Six students of the legal aid clinic of the National University of Study & Research in Law (NUSRL) have submitted research showing that the Nagri village has poor quality soil that does not yield more than “1.98 grams rice per person per day,” disputing the farmers’ claim that agriculture was their primary sustenance. Lauding the NUSRL students’ “valuable data” the High Court ordered the State government to “clear the construction.”

There is no such unit as ‘gram per person per day’ for measuring soil fertility.

Pardon my language, but it really bothers me when people make up crap like this.  Now I have to do more work sifting through just words for instruments of thought–a gift from our distant cousins (the 1st part of whose method we adopted as model civil discourse: Your good name, Madam).

It is not as innocent as old wine in a new bottle.  It would be nice if science joined the civilized world.

OK, Ok, ok then!

I have just been notified that academia / intellectuals is the civilization.

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