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Conflicted spaces

November 28, 2012

Starting with, say, under-the-banyan tree, the public space seems to have been historically conflicted with the general public’s desire for the commons to be public [just enough] to serve their private needs.

I should have stopped you when I saw you going after comfort–this thin-veil vilification of convenience is way out-of-control.  How about thank god it’s need and not its evil cousin want?

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From → Note to self

  1. Hi Raduyu, good observations in this post about the conflict between public spaces and the general public´s desire for the commons to be public. I don´t know if this conflict can ever be solved. What is obvious that this conflict has become bigger in the last decades. What about “Big Brother” and similar TV-series? And is this situation not the existential situation we are all living in? Does our system in some way not force all of us to sell out our privat sphere? And what do we get from it? Have the most of the participants of these kind of shows ever become famous or rich? I don´t think so. The only ones who surely got rich are the ones who organize these kind of shows. The participants in these kind of shows are mostly just victims. It´s the same with shows like “American Idol”. Yours, Klaus

  2. Hi Raduyu,

    if you want to know what the “Big Brother”-situation meant for me: Nearly 20 years with heavy medicamentation (mainly all kind of neuroleptics). Nearly twenty years without a decent job. Nearly twenty years without decent sex. Nearly twenty years with very precarious friendships. Nearly twenty years of hard fight with the psychiatrists in Freiburg and Madrid.

    In some way it meant also nearly twenty years without a sincere conversation, with nobody. That´s one reason why I write a blog. At least here I can say openly what I think.

    You think this was a profitable business for me? I am now 47 years old and have a massive overweight (because of the neuroleptics).

    If I get out of this situation – how many years do I have left? I´m a candidate for heart attack and diabetes. And a lot men get all kinds of cancers once they are over 45. What´s gonna be the reward for me? Money? My parents have enough money. Money is not my problem. I wish I could get back my lost years. But that´s impossible. Yours, Klaus

    Metallica: Frantic

  3. Hi Raduyu,

    the worst for me about all this is the following: I didn´t succeed in changing the course of the eurocrisis. If I had at least achieved this, my sacrifice would have had some sense. But I´m a single figther in a eurozone with 332 millions of inhabitants.

    I didn´t succeed, the eurocrisis has become now even much worse and harder for the southern european countries than in february when I started to comment the eurocrisis.

    And the spaniards here in Madrid aren´t even grateful for my help. The people in Madrid mostly don´t like me and didn´t treat me right during this time since february. And the psychiatrists here in Madrid are a bunch of assholes.

    Dont forget: We have a conservative government here in Madrid (Partido Popular). This conservativve goverment in Madrid represents the very conservative and bigot catholic spanish upper classes and accepts and supports the drastic austerity measures here in Spain imposed by Angela Merkel and the “Troika”. It´s not them who lose the jobs and are ruined by these austerity measures.

    And the upper classes in Freiburg (my german hometown) hate me now, especially the psychiatrists. The upper classes in Freiburg are also conservative and most of the members of this conservative classes in Freiburg adore Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble (Wolfgang Schäuble was born in Freiburg and is their “hero”). My own father is a conservative professor at the University of Freiburg and supports all those neoliberal german assholes.

    Thanks god that I live near Switzerland, which isn´t in the Eurozone. I never had troubles with the inhabitants and the psychiatrists of Basel (Basel is 40 miles away from Freiburg).

    All this fight against the eurocrisis was in fact just a waste of time and a real danger for me. And in some way all my years since 1994 (the year I got a diagnosis of paranoia) were just a waste of time.

    A single person can´t change the neoliberal and technocratic system we are living in. Even the psychiatrists of Freiburg won´t get in any troubles because of me. “Business as usual”, that´s all.

    And when it comes to my “reward” for all this crap I went through: I give a damn about all the money in this world. I wished I could get all those wasted years back.

    If I have had a normal life, I would have got a good job and a good salary anyway. I was a talented young journalist already before 1994. I was born in 1965 and started to work as a journalist in 1987 and I was already a well-known music critic and journalist in Freiburg before 1994. And I was a good looking man then. Now I´m a fat monster. It was just a waste of time, that´s all.

    Yours, Klaus

  4. Hi Klaus,

    For a minute I thought you were talking about me except that in my case my sister is supporting me.

    Individuals do trust institutions and institutions do tell individuals that only institutions can be trusted; it’s the same ol’ playbook. I guess I would also trust the guy who’s walking with me–walking me to gallows ;-)

    More later,
    With good wishes,

    • Hi Raduyu,

      you would have been a good student of humanities too, you know? You have the clear mind a young student needs for these studies. And you are also a good mathematician. My brother Stefan is your type. He is a good mathematician, a good economist, a good piano player and sportsman and he has the clear mind someone needs to understand the world we are living in.

      Yours, Klaus

      PS: Well, you shouldn´t really trust the guy who is walking you to the gallows.

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