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One good looking sky

December 3, 2012

I was never a big fan of truth–it meant so many things that I’m supposed to do–more of a my truth, your truth, let’s hug a tree kinda guy.

Just about the time you realize you are religiously committed to not doing you find yourself doing–not necessarily just about anything but definitely describing.

So, there you have your description–a description of whatever it is the description is a description of.  Having not a whole lot happening in the neighborhood of your description, you look around at, say, the things that are described.  You read something like cats have fur and you look at the scene outside your window and sure enough cats are having fun.  What we got here is something more sinister than cats and their furs (neither of whom is funny according to Alice), which is the truth of your description.  My guidebook says, ‘when confronted with something incomprehensible, take a look’; it’s one good looking sky.

So we started at something called reality, then there was this part of it called reflection, from where we went back to reality and found truth.  Reality is, shall we say, too much work, so let’s start with


then look into


then go

Inverse image

and from there taming


shouldn’t feel, let’s hope, like waiting for gallows.

Now that I made peace with truth, it’s beginning to feel–just a feeling–like I might even like numbers; that multiplication table.  For this to happen or to allow happenings to happen, let’s look at an object in some algebraic category (with entities OK with combining), its parts, images, inverse, and the truth of it all (Conceptual Mathematics, pp. 335-8).

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