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Functors from school mathematics

December 21, 2012

I saw, tattooed on the face of one translucent darkness, a triangle; it must have been 1, 2, or 3 AM that fateful morning.  As usual there was no triangle adorning the surface holding back the heavenly bodies from crashing my private party here on earth; just 3 stars

1, 2, 3


objects, maps, commutativities

about whom I have been rhyming

dots, arrows, triangles

with good reason (i.e. I skipped [nursery] school–playin truant).

1, 2, 3

(2 – 1), (3 – 2), (3 – 1)

1, 1, 2

2 = 1 + 1

(3 – 1) = (3 – 2) + (2 – 1)

0 = 1 – 1

a ‘is less than or equal to’ b ‘is less than or equal to’ c

(b – a), (c – b), (c – a)

(c – a) = (c – b) + (b – a)

0 = a – a

Welcome to the category of categories!

Note to philosophers reclining in academia: go away.

I might, if you annoy me anymore with your paradoxes, call my cousins in the government and have your school’s tax-exempt status yanked.  Trust me, when I say, you will feel: the dent in your direct-deposit!

I see no reason why hardworking taxpayers have to pay for your gray detritus.

To be continued…

P.S. I owe an apology, a sincere apology to the governments–to useful furniture.  You see I have been cussing at the tables and chairs every time I bang my knee or squish my toe nails while pacing back and forth absent-mindedly.  Yelling ‘I DEMAND’ at the government only makes my throat hoarse without making the pain hurt any less; I simply have to rearrange the furniture–heavy it may be–to cater to our collective needs.  Sorry Government!

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